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Energy Platform Living Lab

Energy is the backbone of economy

Having an affordable, reliable and sustainable supply of energy is crucial for the well-being of any country. At present, countries across Europe are pursing aggressive energy policies implying reforms and raised costs. The question remains how to continue funding the development of renewable energy and how to balance ambitious environmental goals with harsh economic surroundings in an extremely competitive environment.


Faced with a harsh reality of environmental changes, energy policies across the globe started to focus on new sustainable energy solutions in order to reduce the negative impact the energy sector. Confronted with a fast-changing sector characterised by a strict regulatory framework and placed within a complex technological environment, players of the energy market require multidisciplinary knowledge upon which to base their investment decisions.

In a world of uncertainty and continued transformation, only companies that are able to adapt to evolving market circumstances will be able to survive on the market.

This kind of an environment can represent a great opportunity with a potential to relaunch economic growth and offer a sustainable development model for the future.

Turbulent times make it is difficult to predict the exact movements on the energy market, but make two things perfectly clear:

Innovation will prove to be an engine of growth.


Inventive business models will offer different streams of income as new start-ups are conceived, new spin-offs launched and new partnerships formed.


This is EPLL | Zagreb
We are an independent non-profit association engaged in promoting energy solutions in South East Europe through a network of utilities, agencies, industries and academia.

Ignoranti quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est.

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