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Energy Platform Living Lab (EPLL) is a regional non-profit association with headquarters in Zagreb. Its core is the association of Universities from countries across South East Europe.

EPLL’s founding partners are the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies of Skopje and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Computing of Mostar.

Second layer of EPLL’s collaborators consists of University of Montenegro, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and Faculty of Engineering Rijeka. In addition, EPLL has an Agreement on cooperation with UNIMED – the Mediterranean Universities Union, an association of Universities from the countries of the Mediterranean basin. UNIMED consists of 103 associated Universities based in 24 countries of the Mediterranean.

As an independent facilitator we are engaged in promoting energy solutions in South East Europe through a network of utilities, agencies, industries and academia.



Energy Platform Living Lab





Energy Security Index (ESI)

Energy Platform Living Lab

  • Energy observatory for Europe and SEE, new Europe, Europe 2020

  • Energy sources in the future, climate change and water-energy nexus

  • Strategic assessment of energy sector in Europe and SEE. In-Depth analyses and benchmarks with relevant foreign countries. Identification of key issues for increase of competitiveness.

  • Scenario analysis: Energy demand, generation mix, CO2 emissions, costs

  • New energy sources

  • Nuclear energy developments and impact on the country/area

  • Green energy and renewables: impact and business evaluation

  • Business intelligence projects aimed at the definition of possible scenarios in energy developments form all sources including nuclear: interviews with industry experts, academic representatives and opinion leaders

  • Mapping of key decision makers and stakeholders for energy developments including nuclear; development of background material and facilitation of stakeholders’ meetings.

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PLL | Zagreb

Prof.Ph.D Željko Stojkić

Prof.Ph.D Dimitar Taskovski

Prof.Ph.D Mario Vražić

Prof.Ph.D Mislav Grgić

Energy Platform Living Lab


Energy Platform Living Lab


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