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EPLL's mission

These are the things that make us tick.

What we promote

As a public entity, EPLL is aware that action for growth and jobs and social cohesion requires all relevant actors across the European Union to be mobilised. For this reason, EPLL shall promote involvement of partners, as the involvement has been identified as key to delivering the Europe 2020 Strategy for growth and jobs. Partnership has long been one of the key principles of the European Union funds managed by the EU and Member States together in ‘shared management’. The partnership principle implies close cooperation between public authorities at national, regional and local levels in the Member States and with the private and other sectors.

Our priorities

Excellent science - in order to strengthen the Union's world-class excellence in science.

Industrial leadership - in order to support business, including micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and innovation.

Societal challenges - in  order to respond directly to the challenges identified in the Europe 2020 strategy by supporting activities covering the entire spectrum from research to market.

Our aim

Our aim is to contribute

to building a society and an economy based on knowledge and innovation by leveraging research, development and innovation funding.

Featured Projects

Energy Observatory

Energy Sectors of South East Europe in Focus

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