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Key roles

Assembly: it is the highest governing body of the EPLL and comprises all members of the EPLL. Among the others, it has the power of adopting and modifying the Statute, reviewing and adopting key documents from the Steering Committee, electing and recalling the EPLL’s President, electing and recalling the members of the Steering Committee and of the Supervisory Board.

Supervisory Board: it is concerned with legal compliance and correctness of financial operations.

Steering Committee: it is the reference board on administrative and managerial activities and it has the power of proposing to the Assembly variations to the Statute and key documents, and of make decisions on admission and exclusion of members. It also appoints the executive director and makes the employment contract. Prominent members of the Steering Committee are the President and Vice-President of the EPLL. The first represents and acts on behalf of the EPLL.

Executive Director: carries executive functions, manages the affairs of the EPLL and is the head of the administrative and technical services of the EPLL. It has the power of implement the decisions of the Assembly and of the Steering Committee, to prepare some key documents to be discussed and adopted in the Steering Committee, and he/she makes decisions on matters as membership fees, employment contracts of human resources, contracts with suppliers and customers, collaboration with domestic and foreign persons.

Governance structure

EPLL may be an implementing party / intermediate body in setting up and performing the activities related to the Croatian Operational Programme in the process of use, design, execution and spending of programs financed by the EU funds addressed to Croatia.

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