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Main activities

Our people, knowledge and tools offer a hands-on approach in determining bespoke solutions to energy related issues.

  • Energy observatory for Europe and SEE, new Europe, Europe 2020

  • Energy sources in the future, climate change and water-energy nexus

  • Strategic assessment of energy sector in Europe and SEE. In-Depth analyses and benchmarks with relevant foreign countries. Identification of key issues for increase of competitiveness.

  • Scenario analysis: Energy demand, generation mix, CO2 emissions, costs

  • New energy sources

  • Nuclear energy developments and impact on the country/area

  • Green energy and renewables: impact and business evaluation

  • Business intelligence projects aimed at the definition of possible scenarios in energy developments form all sources including nuclear: interviews with industry experts, academic representatives and opinion leaders

  • Mapping of key decision makers and stakeholders for energy developments including nuclear; development of background material and facilitation of stakeholders’ meetings.


  • Smart city projects to improve quality of life and drive growth; creative cities; knowledge economy

  • Smartness and creativity as boosters of growth in cities

  • Mapping of smart cities in the world and their key programs

Urban energy systems


  • Smart mobility: move better to live better

  • Intelligent management of infrastructures and air transport infrastructure


  • Competitive analysis of specific areas (country, municipality, city), identification of their industrial and economic ecosystem and identification of strategic options for development.

Regional and local development plans


Smart mobility

Send us a request - if our interests are aligned, we would be happy to meet.

EPLL offers a wide range of sevices. Feel free to contact us if you have arequest for proposal (RFP) that you would like to forward. Thank you for your interest in our services.

EPLL's training services

The EPLL has also a critical role in promoting culture and managerial growth on topics related:

  • energy

  • open innovation

  • public private procurement

EPLL may supply to private actors its own training services and the private actors shall pay a fee for the services. As a no profit organization, the EPLL training services have the main purpose of spread knowledge on the topics on scope.

EPLL may be an implementing party / intermediate body in setting up and performing the activities related to the Croatian Operational Programme in the process of use, design, execution and spending of programs financed by the EU funds addressed to Croatia.

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