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Europe endorses stricter pollution standards

Power plants across Europe will soon face stricter emission standards as Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) Article 75 Committee members voted on the new Best Available Techniques Reference Document for Large Combustion Plants (LCP BREF). Operators will have to further limit their harmful impact on the environment as all large combustion plants in the EU will have to meet the requirements by 2021. How the new standards will affect the coal generaion fleet of South East Europe (SEE) remains to be seen, as there will be no exemptions to exceeding emission limits. New units will also be under scrutiny, making projects such as the Serbian Kostolac B3, Montenegrin Pljevlja 2, Kosovar Kosovo C, Macedonian reconstruction of TPP Osolomej and Bosnian Tuzla 7, Banovići, Kakanj 8, Ugljevik 3 and Gacko 2 to revise their technological and business solutions. Additionally, a number of units would be, under new terms, in desperate need for revitalisation.

Source: EPPSA, Power Engineering International

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