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Croatia to launch new RES incentive scheme

Having recently adopted the new Energy Sector Development Strategy until 2030, Croatia is preparing to implement a new model that will incentivize the development of its renewable energy sector. As stated by the Croatian Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy, feed-in tariffs are a thing of the past, while auction premiums will be the preferred choice in subsidizing new generation portfolio additions.

First such auctions are planned to take place as early as April and will target power plants with lower installed capacities. Proposals based on medium-sized units will be subject to additional evaluation by the European Commission.

This turn of events is likely to please a number of potential investors that have been waiting for the new tariff system and the chance to compete for subsidized offtake for quite some time. Renewables are at the heart of the Croatian energy development strategy which envisages a share of renewable energy of 36.4% by the year 2030.

Source: EPLL

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