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European Innovation Policy

State of Play

Juncker Commission Approach to Innovation

Why does policy focus on innovation?

The innovation challenge for Europe

The EU is making major efforts to boost innovation...

Strategic priorities for Research & Innovation policy

What is Open Innovation?

Innovation ecosystem: Action Pillars

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Climate change is frequently referred to as one of the defining challenges of the twenty-first century. We concur. In broad terms, the climate challenge is relatively straightforward. However,  clean energy transition is not easy. The political economy of energy transitions is of interest across both the developed and developing worlds. As emphasized, the mitigation challenge cannot be addressed by developed countries alone.

Innovation in Europe: Some good news...

...and some bad news

Policy response

Guiding principles for possible EU action

What could a European Innovation Council do?

Closing notes on European innovation

Shared Grid - the Future of the Energy System

Energy Security of South East Europe in 2020

Stranded assets of South East Europe

Hungary and Cyprus sign gas supply agreement

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Shared Grid
Stranded Assets of SEE
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