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ELEM announces plans to expand its wind portfolio

As announced by Macedonian state owned utility AD ELEM, next year, four new wind turbines are to be installed on the existing wind farm of Bogdanci. There are currently 16 operating wnd turbines in Bogdanci with an overall installed capacity of 36.8 MW. Bogdanci wind farm entered production mid-2015 following 18 months of construction. This first stage, reportedly cost €55.5 million with German KfW bank providing €47.9 million and ELEM contributing with €7.6 million. Installing 4 turbines would additionally raise the wind farm capacity by 13.8 MW. The project is estimated to cost around €24 million, €6 million (20%) would be provided by ELEM, while the rest (€18 million) is to be covered by a loan provided once more by the German KfW bank. The process should soon continue by obtaining licenses, announcing tenders for equipment and extending existing contracts. ELEM plans to star construction during 2019. In addition, ELEM plans to develop another wind farm at the Miravci location. The unit is to have 50 MW with the first phase being the instalment of 14 MW. Apart from wind, ELEM also plans to develop a photovoltaic power plant of 10 MW installed capacity on the location of TPP Oslomej former lignite mine..

Source: AD ELEM

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