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Enlight acquires 100 MW wind project in Kosovo

Israeli based Enlight Renewable Energy acquired rights for a wind power plant project of 105 MW in Kosovo. According to Enlight, the project is in the latter stage of development currently in the process of obtaining a feed-in tariff. The investment cost of the project is estimated between €140-180 million with construction works expected to start in 2019. At present, Kosovo offers wind power plants a fixed feed-in tariff of 85 €/MWh during the period of 12 years. Enlight is already present in the South East Europe energy market with two other wind power projects: 104.5 MW Kovačica in Serbia and 48 MW Lukovac in Croatia. While WPP Kovačica is still being developed, WPP Lukovac has successfully passed its testing phase and is now commercially operational..

Source: Balkan Green Energy News

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