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Two new wind projects in final stages of development in BiH

Two separate wind farms, Grebak and Trusina, are being developed in the minicipality of Nevesinje. According to the municipal announcement, Trusina wind farm is to have 15 turbines with 49.5 MW of overall installed capacity. IT represents a potential investment estimated at €71 million. Owners of the potential project are Kermas Limited (87% share), local company Eol prvi (10%) and the municipality of Nevesinje (3%). Sberbank should lead the banking consortium that is to provide financing to the project. Currently, the project awaits issuance of the building permit. Wind farm Grebak represents a project with an investment cost estimated at €65 million. It should have 14 wind turbines with an overall installed capacity of 52 MW. The project is initated by German based compny VE Grebak..

Source: Balkan Green Energy News

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