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95 MW of hydro planned in BiH

Governments of Serbia and Republika Srpska (constitutional and legal entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina) announced plans of committing resources to the development of two hydro power plant projects: HPP Foča and HPP Paunci. HPP Foča is to have an installed capacity of 44 MW and should produce approximately 176 GWh per year. HPP Paunci is to have an installed capacity of 43 MW and should produce approximately 167 GWh per year. Overall investment is estimated at around €200 million. The project is to be implemented by a joint operation of Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske (ERS).

ERS already has three hydro projects in development with a potential installed capacity of over 260 MW (Dabar, Buk Bijela, Bočac). This will EPS currently operates 16 hydro power plants 2936 MW of installed capacity with an average annual production at approximately 10.6 TWh (around 30% of overall annual electricity production).

Source: EPS

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