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TPP Kolubara to expand its lignite mine

Serbian state-owned utility EPS is in the process of creating conditions for the opening of a new lignite mine near the Kolubara thermal power plant. As part of this process, Kolubara River has been redirected into a newly constructed basin. As reported by EPS, lignite production in Kolubara is of strategic importance for Serbia. Providing about 30 million tons of lignite annually is a complex technological process requiring constant relocation of entire settlements, infrastructure and, occasionally, even river flows. The removal of the Kolubara river basin will enable the opening of a new mine with an estimated reserve of over 36 million tons of lignite.

EPS annually consumes approximately over 37 million tons of lignite. Its portfolio has an installed capacity of 7 326 megawatts with an average annual production of over 36 TWh. Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy also announced the intention to re-activate the Kolubara B thermal power plant project and construct a new unit of 350 MW in the near future.

Source: EPS

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