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Greece set to auction 194 MW of solar & 229 MW of wind capacities

Greek Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) announced it will auction:94 MW of solar projects with a maximum installed output of 1 MW100 MW of solar projects with an installed output between 1 MW and 20 MW229 MW of wind projects with an installed output between 3 MW and 50 MWGreece set ambitious goals regarding the development of its renewable energy sector. Target of 2200 MW is set for solar units, 7500 MW for wind farms and 350 MW for biomass power plants. However, apart from solar (which is close to reaching its 2020 target with 2250 MW of currently installed capacity), wind and biomass sources are well behind their respective schedules. At present, there is only 2770 MW of wind farms and 67 MW of biomass based energy sources operating in the Greek electricity system.

Source: Balkan Green Energy News

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