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Zenica to get a central heating plant

Zenica seems to be on its way to get a central heating plant that will satisfy the majority of the city’s heat demand. The unit will have a net electric output of 14.45 MW and a heating output of 112.5 MW. Forecasted annual heat production of the unit is 970 GWh. Capital costs of the project are to amount to €53 million, €40 million of which are secured by a loan from EBRD.

Project’s ownership structure is agreed to be the following: ArcellorMittal (50%), the City of Zenica (20%), KPA Unicon (15%) and FinnFund (15%). As reporded, the heating plant will comply with the latest EU standards and secure Zenica an affordable, reliable source of heating energy. Commercial operation is (optimistically) set to start in 2020.


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