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Slovenia drafting its new energy development strategy

Slovenia is in the process of establishing a new energy action and climate plan up until the year 2030 with a view to 2040. As the country is heavily dependent on importing energy to satisfy its demand, the new strategy underlines the need to become more energy independent. As far as the electricity sector is concerned, imports vary but do not represent a large portion of overall demand. The country outlines a goal of achieving 27% of renewable energy in final energy consumption and a goal undertaking energy efficiency measures for 26 million meters square until the year 2030. Slovenia indents to focus on solar, wind and geothermal energy sources, as hydro power plant projects have been encountering strong opposition during past years.

By 2030, the country aims to have 33% electric vehicles and 17% hybrid. Do allow such an expansion of EVs, 7000 charging stations are to be installed around the country by 2025. Strategy revels that 57% of consumers now have smart meters. It also forecasts that the distribution system operator will face increased capital expenditures in order to modernize the grid and keep up with the new requirements put in front of the system.

Source: Slovenske Novice, EPLL

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