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Croatia’s sets a goal of 36.4% of renewables’ share by 2030

The Croatian Government proposed to parliament the new Energy Sector Development Strategy until 2030. The strategy contains projections up until the year 2050 and envisions a share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption to be 36.4% by the year 2030. As things currently stand, according to the Croatian Energy Market Operator (HROTE), Croatia has a share of renewable sources of over 28% on an annual basis. This figure is well above the 20% approved threshold set by the EU.

The Strategy envisions an optimistic view on the development of the renewable energy portfolio which is expected to provide a reliable source of energy supply and expected to reduce the country’s dependence on imports. Solar and wind have been identified as key sources of low-carbon energy, but the Minister of Environmental Protection and Energy ensures other sources will not be neglected. Second pillar of the strategy seems to be the implementation of various energy efficiency measures. As was the case thus far, energy efficiency in buildings and households will remain in focus of the new incentive schemes.

Source: EPLL,

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