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Green & Blue Economy

Designing a Sustainable Energy Development Strategy

Initiative's aim

The Green & Blue Economy initiative aims to promote integrated, functional job creation in sub-sectors and sectors that show growth and development potential through the activation of synergies between local development policies and training and employment policies, with the direct involvement of the economic and social realities of the territory.

The initiative to promote the development of Green & Blue Economy is part of a broader complementary and synergistic system of co-financing aimed to achieve integration between:


training actions, through which it intends to strengthen the professional skills of the recipients and promote their job placement;

local development actions aimed at creating new business realities and consolidating existing ones, thanks to process and product innovations in emerging Green & Blue Economy sectors.



Areas of specialisation

Our new development strategies in our region are not just areas of "vertical" innovation that can be traced back to specific sectors, but also specialised and technological areas that tend to converge and integrate into different areas where the specific territory has more opportunities to develop innovative products and/or services, even if positioned in particular market niches.

In compliance with the new development prospects and in line with the principles of the Green & Blue economy, the areas of intervention of the initiative concerning six Areas of Specialisation (AdS) have been identified:




Intelligent Energy Management Networks




Tourism and cultural and environmental assets

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