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Kosinj hydro project receives green light

Project Kosinj received a positive decision from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy on the acceptability of construction and operation. The project includes the construction of three reservoirs, a tunnel and a canal Bakovac - Lika, Hydro power plant Kosinj and the reconstruction of the existing hydro power plant Sklope. The construction of HPP Kosinj with two separate units 11.5 MW + 22 MW) would provide the Croatian electricity system an additional 250 GWh of electricity. Another segment of the extension would be the construction of the reservoir Gusić Polje II and HPP Senj 2. At present, Lika-Gacka hydropower system has a capacity of 238.5 MW with an average annual production of just over 1 TWh. HPP Senj 2 would involve an additional 412 MW of capacity with an estimated production of 300 GWh per year, which would mostly be used to cover peak loads..

Source: Jutarnji list

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